Global Robotics Games 2023

The First GRG: 73 teams and 265 participants from Singapore, China, Dubai, Iceland, India, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands and Vietnam compete in Global Robotics Games 

Global Robotics Games Young Talents Showcase Innovative Sustainable Solutions with Robotics

Last updated: 5/12/2023 

Written by: Janlia Yap

The Global Robotics Games 2023 marked a successful start as the pilot event took place at Our Tampines Hub. The finals of the competition witnessed the participation of 73 teams comprising 265 individuals from various countries including Singapore, China, Dubai, Iceland, India, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands and Vietnam. The event spanned three days, from 15th to 17th November, offering a platform for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete on a global level.

Programme Highlights

15 November 2023

Preschool Category and Mobile Robotics I - Preschoolers and lower primary students participating in GRG robotics competition using KUBO and LEGO ® Education WeDo 2.0 or LEGO ® Education SPIKE Essential sets respectively. 

16 November 2023

Mobile Robotics II & Mobile Robotics III - Upper primary and Secondary students participating in GRG robotics competition using LEGO ® Mindstorms EV3 or  LEGO ® Education SPIKE Prime sets respectively. 

17 November 2023

Mobile Robotics IV, AI Maker Series | Transformer Robot Soccer League by Wefaa Robotics | GRG Friendship Event and Award Ceremony (3:30PM to 5:30PM) - Primary, secondary and tertiary students will incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to compete in a robotics competition. Primary to undergraduate students take part in a robotics soccer league using SMORPHI robots. 

In case you missed it...

FREE Robotics Trial Workshops for Kids by STEAM Engine

Despite the Global Robotics Games 2023 taking place on weekdays from Wednesday to Friday, it attracted a considerable number of families who eagerly enrolled their children in the event's free workshop. The dedicated STEAM Engine trainers took on the task of introducing the children to the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime and LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential sets. Regardless of their age, the trainers tailored their instruction to match the capabilities of each child, teaching them the fundamental concepts associated with each LEGO® set. Surprisingly, the workshop even welcomed participation from a remarkably young 2-year-old boy, despite the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime Essentials set being recommended for children aged 4 and above. 

For more information about LEGO® Education classes, interested individuals can get in touch with Hani, the coordinator from STEAM Engine, at +65 9822 5921 or via email at 

It is worth noting that STEAM Engine operates as Duck Learning's learning center in Macpherson, with Duck Learning serving as the authorized distributor and partner of LEGO® Education in Singapore.


International Cultural Showcase Booths

Our international teams, alongside our local team from Singapore, graced the stage to set up and adorn booths that beautifully portrayed their respective countries' cultures and histories. Participants donned their traditional outfits, creating a vibrant and diverse display. Each booth was a lively showcase of local delights, games, props, and informative infographics. Students enthusiastically engaged in trying out various games and activities offered at each booth. One notable hit was the game of chapteh, garnering immense popularity among the participants. The hall echoed with the thrilling sounds of shoes flying and excited cheers, adding to the festive atmosphere of the event.

Special Thanks

Beneath the surface, an unwavering team labored diligently to ensure the flawless execution of GRG 2023. Their dedication and thorough planning played a pivotal role in the seamless progression of events, ultimately culminating in the triumph of the competition.

A big shoutout extends to our esteemed partners and supporters for GRG 23! Special gratitude to our organizing collaborators, Science Centre Singapore, Duck Learning India Pvt. Ltd., Viet Tinh Anh, Change Information Technology LLC, and Alkamea tus Saifiyah. These partners contributed in diverse ways, from co-organizing to venue sponsorship. Additionally, our heartfelt thanks go to Wefaa Robotics, Our Tampines Hub, KUBO Education, and Nomanbhoy for their valuable support.

Event Highlights

See you next year!